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I loved glasses. That was up until I had to start wearing them. I got my eyes checked in 7th grade hoping I would need them, but I didn’t. Three years later I noticed I couldn’t see the blackboard as well as I used to. I knew what I needed, and I thought I’d be happy, but I wasn’t.

How many glasses do you wear when you’re watching a 3D flick? How do you see clearly underwater without them on? Do you change them everything you walk out in the sun? Do you have to carry around two pairs? Why are they so expensive? Is there a dent in my nose?

But with all these questions still unanswered, I got used to them, I tolerated them. And now, I rely on them to help me figure out if the person coming my way has a familiar face or not (and whether I should wave back, so I can spare the embarrassment of waiving back to a stranger).

I wouldn’t have it any other way. Glasses are great.


picture from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/47393687@N08/5522941329/

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